Chatsworth Road Shops

Chatsworth Road has been described as the last of the real high streets. A street full of independent shops serving the local community – a butcher, a baker, no candle stick maker just yet, a toy shop, cafes and pound shops.

Come and explore the shops with us.

We'll be adding more in the coming weeks until they're all here.

If you're looking to open a business on Chatsworth Road read our advice sheet first.

All Shops

A&S Cycles
New bikes and accessories, repairs/servicing

1 Chatsworth Road

Chatsworth Supermarket
The Elderfield
Pub - Bar

57 Elderfield Road

Coffee Shop

55 Chatsworth Road

Hop Toy Shop
Gits – Toys

68 Chatsworth Road

Whitbread Off Licence
Carnival Cards
L'Epicerie 56
Deli and wine store

56 Chatsworth Road
Open 7 days

East London Locks
Crystal Cafe
Shane's on Chatsworth
Russell's B&B
Doree Bakery
Bella Fuori
The Dentist - live venue
Eat 17 restaurant
Creperie du Monde
Piraz restaurant
Clapton Glass & Joinery
Clapton Methodist Church
Chatsworth Laundry
H & Son Off Licence
London Borough of Jam
Co-operative Funeralcare
Chickin Lickin'
Classical Estates
Tasty Fish
Chatsworth Cleaners
Diva Style
BJ Fashion
People's Choice
London Accommodation Centre
A Darker Shade
Pak's Hair & Cosmetic Centre
William Hill
Ishi Express
Afri Mix
Sherio Boutique
Mickey Food Restaurant
Roj Supermarket
Infocus Opticians
Homerton Express
46b Espresso Hut
Cooper & Wolf
Johnny's Hair Shop
Blake Stanley
Star Discount
Chats Palace
Homerton Library
Factory Press
Wayside Community Centre
Stirling Ackroyd
Percy Ingle
The School of Motoring
Mighty Meats
TJ Aden Electrical Services
Clapton Dental Services
Urfa Off Licence
Chetan & Chirag Newsagent
The Hackney Draper
Seafood & Fresh Fish
Sanderson Sweeting Antiques
PC Clinic
Orisem restaurant
£1 Shop
Ja Food
Future Tech
Caribbean Market
Deli Spice
A Taste of Reality
Andrew Hayward
Regal Pharmacy
Starlight hair salon
Too Sweet
Martino Denai
Everything but the Dog
Pack & Clowder
Brahms & Liszt
Agbo-Saba Cash & Carry
Food shop / deli / bakery

12 Chatsworth Road
Open Mon – Sat

Elite Shisha Vape Store

E-cigarette store below Carnival Cards
61 Chatsworth Road
Open 7 days

Advice for new businesses

Do you want to open a businesses on Chatsworth Road?

Over the last few years there has been a flurry of new businesses wanting to base themselves on Chatsworth Road. This is great for the street, but we are concerned that this demand is pushing rents to unrealistic levels that will make running a business here unsustainable in the long term, both for existing traders and new ones.  In order to ensure that your business will benefit the street, here are some points to consider:

1. Think about what local people need/want rather than focusing only on what you want to sell. Have a look at our Facebook and Twitter accounts and you’ll see the same things come up over and over again.

2. Whilst Chatsworth Road has a decent footfall on the weekends, things are much quieter on weekdays. Don’t depend on weekend trade only, think about what you can do during the week to encourage people who work from home, are retired, unemployed or young parents to use your business. In increasing footfall on weekdays, you will also be helping existing businesses.

3.  The local community is very mixed.  There is a large amount of council housing and a number of the Victorian properties are run by housing associations.  Consider how you can serve the neighbourhoods diverse population, not just a single demographic.

4. Typical rents on the street vary on average from around £6,000 to £12,000 per year and most businesses do not make very large profits.  It is very unlikely that your business will be sustainable if you pay much more than this, and if you do, you’ll be pushing up everyone else’s rent.

5.  Always get a  lease on the premises you’re going to rent, and make sure you’re protected by the Landlord and Tenant Act of 1954 .  You don’t want to be in a position where you’ve invested time and money only to get kicked out of your shop a year later.  See here for some advice and downloadable leases you can use.

6. Hire local people.  This will make people respect your business more and see the benefits that you bring to the area over and above your products/services. We often post job vacancies to our social media accounts or website.

7. Get in touch with us before you open.  We can help you with publicity, planning applications, and speaking to the local community.