Have your say! Improvements to Chatsworth Road and Brooksby’s Walk

We have been talking to and liaising with the council for a very long time about improvements to Chatsworth Road and Brooksby’s Walk. In particular we have been looking at improvements for users to make it safer and a more pleasant place to shop.

The council has now released the plans for consultation – running 11 February to 21 March 2016 – so please ensure you give your comments by completing the survey on their website.

The proposals include:

  • Widened pavement at the junction of Homerton Grove/Brooksby’s Walk and new raised table across Brooksby’s Walk
  • New raised zebra crossing on Brooksby’s Walk opposite Spar
  • Existing crossing to be raised at Chatsworth Road/Clifden Road
  • Widened pavement and raised table at junction of Chatsworth Road and Dunlace Road
  • Widened pavement and raised table at junction of Chatsworth Road and Glenarm Road
  • New build-out widened pavement adjacent to Clapton Park Methodist Church
  • Existing crossing to be raised at Brooksby’s Walk/Homerton High Street
  • Contra-flow cycle access to one-way roads at Chatsworth Road/Clifden Road, Chatsworth Road/Dunlace Road, Chatsworth Road/Glenarm Road and Chatsworth Road/Blurton Road
  • Additional cycle parking
  • Cycle road marking and signing along Clifden Road, Dunlace Road and Glenarm Road
  • Landscape improvements including new seating areas and additional trees where possible
  • Removal of street clutter including unwanted bollards, sign posts and signs

Powerscroft Road and Millfields Road

In addition to these proposals, the council is currently investigating improvements at the junction of Chatsworth Road, Powerscroft Road and Millfields Road as part of TfL’s Cycle Quietways Route 2 that connects Bloomsbury to Walthamstow. Further engagements with residents and businesses will take place at a later stage.

Wider consultation on closing streets around Chatsworth Road

The council has received requests to provide further road closures on some streets surrounding Chatsworth Road. To do this, the council will need to undertake an area wide study that includes all streets connecting to Chatsworth Road to determine appropriate locations for further closures to minimise the impact of traffic displacement on surrounding streets. The council would like your views on if you would like us to proceed with this study and if you feel there is an issue with through traffic on your street – more info via the consultation link above.

(Image taken from Hackney Council’s consultation leaflet)

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  1. Tim Evans

    The LBH proposals are useful as far as they go. Cycle contraflows on Dunlace and Glenarm are welcome and should be extended west of Elderfield.
    But LBH fails to grasp the nettle of through motor traffic. In fact it says CR+BW ‘form an important strategic [motor] transport link between Lea Bridge Road (A104) and Homerton High Street (A102)’. How can it be ‘strategic’ when it’s not even a B road? The strategic north-south links are Lower Clapton Road and Orient Way. LBH should prioritise the street’s value as a community axis. The ideal would be to join the sections of North Millfields split by CR. Failing that, a filtering pattern must be devised to cut out through motor traffic.

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