Dalston Songs 2016: a request for Homerton residents to talk about what ‘home’ means to them

Chats Palace is working with local songwriter/composer Helen Chadwick on a new choral version of Dalston Songs incorporating stories from the community around Chatsworth Road. The new work will be premiered at Chats Palace in October 2016.

A powerful, funny and touching piece of song-theatre, Dalston Songs is a unique blend of music and choreography about memories of home and what ‘home’ means. Originally commissioned in 2007 by Royal Opera House, Helen was inspired by the stories and memories of people in her local community in East London. Stories emerged through interviews with her neighbours and Dalston residents. For some ‘home’ meant life in a new country, escape from a war zone or arrival from a destroyed homeland, for others the tales were more domestic. These stories became the basis for lyrics used alongside powerful texts by Serbian, Argentinean, Palestinian, and Turkish poets.

Exploring the significance of the concept of ‘home’, Dalston Songs use the powerful language of body and songs to tell stories about multiculturalism, family, roots, adaptation and belonging. In this new version for 2016 we are looking for leaders from the local community to discuss with Helen what ‘home’ means to them. From these interviews, Helen will draw together fresh material inspiring several new songs for the Chats Palace performances of Dalston Songs 2016 – bringing a Homerton focus to what is already a timely work about common-ground in east London’s diverse community.

Interviews will be:

  • One at a time
  • Informal – recorded with your permission
  • 30 mins in duration
  • At a location convenient to you
  • Questions about ‘home’ and what it means to you

They are particularly interested in speaking to local residents from the following
communities: Turkish, Older Afro-Caribbean and Kings Park Estate.

More information on Helen Chadwick and Dalston Songs here.

If you would like to be part of Dalston Songs 2016 please contact Joel Brogan at Chats Palace or call 020 8533 0227 on Mon/Tues only.

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