Good news or bad news? Change of use submitted for William Hill

Update: As of 23 June, it looks like the application has been pulled. We’ll add more info if we hear any more.

There is a planning application lodged with the council to change 21-23 Chatsworth Road – currently William Hill – into an A1 Retail Use.

The application drawings look like the intention is to turn it into a metro/local style supermarket. The property is already one of the largest on the street. The plans submitted look to extend it, put in a lift to the basement storage area and build an instore bakery. There are also drawings for air conditioning and chiller unit outlets. All this suggests major investment and a metro/local style supermarket.

The drawing for the shop unit can be found on the council website and downloaded here. All drawings, including for the flats above can also be found on the site here.

We are trying to find out more information and to get confirmation if it is for a Sainsbury’s Local or Tesco Metro/Express store but so far we haven’t been able to get any more information.

If our assumptions are correct we would be really interested to see what people think. You can comment below or on our Facebook page.

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  1. Ben

    I think this is very good news for the road (and the area).
    A Tesco/Sainsbury’s or similar will be useful and more relevant to a much broader cross-section of the community than most of the other shops that have opened in recent years.
    It would also increase daytime footfall on the road which would be of benefit to some other shops.
    If people want to stop Chatsworth Rd becoming an exclusive high-street like Stoke Newington Church St, they should welcome this proposal.

  2. Rose

    I’d worry about what it means for the other local non chain food stores and green grocers however do think it’s better than s betting shop. it would also be lovely to see the beautiful building restored as it is in a sorry state. I’d really rather not a Tesco.

  3. SAM

    Is is true that Tesco’s have submitted plans to turn 21-23 Chatsworth Road into a Tesco Express store?.

    – Where will their delivery trucks park to drop off their goods?…. On the Bus Stop? … or the Zebra Crossing?… Does the road need more pollution on a popular road where parents take their kids, how dangerous will it be to cross the roads with massive trucks blocking views on both sides of the roads esp as the road is used to access schools. also with no space for the property to have their own parking spaces will we have more n more cars stoping on the bus lanes & Zig-Zag lines to pop into the store?.

    Do we really want huge cages outside on the pavement waiting to be delivered or collected?.

    we welcomed SPAR, is there space for another Chain supermarket to come on the road & allow the Independent retailers to survive.

    Given that the Street champions local sourced products & fresh products…. is a chain like Tesco who recently were found to short change customers on promotions in over 3500 stores what Chatsworth Road is all about?.

    Walking into Tesco in Morning lane, the smell that hits you is a disgrace, why would anyone want to buy fruit/veg that has the smell of a sewer soaked into them all day is beyond me, Does Chatsworth Road really want a retailer that treats its customers with such contempt?.

    There are 2 other Tesco stores( Well St & Morning Lane ) within 10 minutes walk / less than 5 minutes by car/bus … Do we need another one ?.

    A betting shop might not be welcomed But is a Tescos or similar the answer?.

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