CRTRA to step down from running the market, Hackney Council to take over

Chatsworth Road Traders and Residents Association, incorporated as a Community Interest Company (CRTRA CIC) will be transferring the operational and organisational aspects of Chatsworth Road Market to Hackney Council. This action has come about as a result of the ouncils interpretation of the London Act under which all markets on public land are legislated, Chatsworth Road Market included.

CRTRA CIC will no longer be involved in trader selection, new trader onboarding, the layout of the market, the setting up / removal of stalls, the promotion and marketing, the associated finances of, nor carry the legal responsibility & liability for the operation of Chatsworth Road Market. The transfer process started back in November with all new traders being sourced through the Council Markets team and we expect the transition to be finalised on 31st March 2018.

Chatsworth Road Market was brought back to life by a number of dedicated local individuals formed under the CRTRA Community Interest Company (CIC) umbrella and it had continued to be organised by volunteer locals since it restarted in 2011. We would like to thank all those dedicated people over the last 7 years (and those who before this fought for it to be brought back) who without their efforts there would not be a Market on Chats today and the very existence of it on a weekly basis represents a huge success. With this new chapter in the operation of Chats Market we wish all of our current traders continued success along with the Hackney Markets department who are committed to building on what has been created.

CRTRA CIC will continue to work alongside the Hackney Council’s markets team and the businesses and residents of the local area to organise special events and activities which will help promote the street as whole, including but not limited to events such as ChatsFest and the Christmas Markets.

Thanks to Kriss Lee for this image and many more of the market and Chatsfest.

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